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Getting Started / Register

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Getting Started / Register

Would you like to turn your kid’s gently-used clothing, toys and equipment into money? We can assist, and the best part is we will guide you through the entire process to make consigning easy and with little stress. We empower our consignors.  We provide each the freedom to set their own prices, tag items their own items at their convenience, and then drop off their items at the sale’s location for us to display and sell. During the sale, you sit back and monitor your items sold, and at the end of the sale, you collect your check for 70% of the selling price. It’s just that simple!


Registering is easy! Please follow the registration link (Register Now) that is here or that is located throughout the website to get started. During the registration process, you will be assessed a $7.00 non-refundable fee at the end of the sale (your check will be $7.00 less).  Below and throughout the website, you will find helpful online resources.  We also recommend that your items total at least $50; this makes it worth it for you.  If after reviewing the information you still have questions, please email us at, and we will respond to you promptly.


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Consigning can seem daunting, but the process is well worth the effort! Just remember that you now will have more space and that money is coming your way!
After gathering your supplies, it’s time to begin the search for the items: gently-used baby, kid and maternity items taking up space throughout your home. As you pull out your potential sale items, take a look at each piece over to ensure it is clean, free of damage and functioning. Items that require batteries will need functioning batteries in order to be accepted into the sale.  Please make sure to add and test the batteries. Also, please confirm your items have no missing pieces.


Above all, you MUST confirm that none of your items are part of a recall of any type. This can be done on the following websites: Consumer Product Safety Commission ( and We Make it Safer (


Clothing items, linens and any removable cloth covers to items like strollers and bouncy seats are to be laundered and inspected. Make sure they are free of stains and holes and are not missing buttons or snaps or have broken zippers. If an item is not in good to great condition please do not consign it as we only want the best items for our shoppers.


Next, start lining up your items to begin entering them in our online inventory system. Remember our item limits per registered number: 200 items in total (each hanger may have up to 4 pieces of clothing on it as long as they are of the exact same size). Our clothing limits do not include costumes or dance wear.  We have no shoe limit.



Top selling items to tag first



  • Focus on the large items first that will bring the biggest return and are always in highest demand at our sale. These include: strollers, high chairs, pack ‘n play®, bassinets, bouncy seats, activity seats, walkers, bath tubs, potty seats, gates, bed rails, glider rockers, changing tables, nursery furniture, cribs and toddler beds
  • Outside items like playhouses, basketball hoops, bicycles, ride-on toys, baby swing seats and small play sets (please include assembly instructions and a picture of the complete playset)
  • Clean and well-cared for toys also sell very well at our sales, including: infant light-up toys, play sets that include figurines, electronic toys, Lego sets and play kitchens and work benches
  • Other items to collect include costumes and dress-up clothes, dance wear, sheets and blankets, bath towels and other bath items, feeding supplies, safety equipment, room décor, sports equipment, DVDs, puzzles and board games to name a few
  • For clothing and shoes, remember to bring us only clean items with lots of life left in them
  • We recommend your total be greater than $50
  • Please clean and thoroughly inspect all items before selling them – make sure all aspects function correctly – replace batteries if needed



While pulling all of your items together it is a good idea to match up clothing sets as well as bundle smaller items (like socks, books or videos) before you begin entering your items in the online inventory. This helps to ensure tag descriptions are as accurate as possible. Accurate tag descriptions include the correct size, brand name and color to help both our shoppers know what they are buying, and our volunteers locate your item in the event your tag becomes separated from that item. Please remember, clothing items hung together on a hanger or in a baggie MUST BE OF THE SAME SIZE.

Accepted Items

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Accepted Items

• Activity mats & seats *                                    • Baby carriers & slings *                                  • Baby monitors


• Bassinets & co-sleepers *                               • Bathtubs & bath seats                                      • Bed rails


• Beds in toddler & twin size *                         • Bibs & burp cloths                                             • Bikes & scooters


• Blankets & sheets                                            • Books                                                                     • Booster seats *


• Bottle warmers                                                • Bottles & supplies (nipples new only)             • Bouncy seats *


• Changing tables & pads *                              • Clothes / shoes                                                     • Socks (new only)


• Costumes & accessories                                 • Craft Items / Arts                                                 • Dance wear & shoes


• Diaper bags                                                      • Diaper genies & pails                                           • Diapers (unopened only)


• DVDs / CDs                                                     • ExerSaucers® & activity chairs *                      • Feeding utensils & supplies


• Furniture for kids *                                        • Games / Game Consoles                                     • Gates & play yards


• High chairs *                                                   • Infant swings *                                                      • Ladies designer handbags


• Maternity clothes                                           • Mobiles                                                                    • Nursery & room decor


• Nursing pillows & covers *                          • Nursing supplies & bras (unopened)                 • Outdoor play houses & set


• Outdoor swings                                             • Pack ‘n plays® & playpens *                                • Play kitchen & work benches


• Playroom organizers & toy boxes               • Potty chairs & seats                                               • Puzzles


• Ride-on toys & wagons                                • Rocking chairs & gliders *                                    • Safety equipment


• Sand boxes                                                     • Sports equipment                                                   • Step stools


• Strollers *                                                       • Table & chair sets                                                    • Towels & washcloths (unopened)


• TOYS, TOYS & TOYS                                   • Vaporizers                                                                • Waterproof pads


• Wipe warmers                                              • Music Supplies                                                          • Sleeping bags


* These items will need to be sprayed and cleaned appropriately.


We will not accept or sell any item that is part of a recall. If there is a manufacturer fix that can be applied to a recalled item, we will allow it to be sold.  That fix must be well-documented and proof of the fix (i.e. instructions and the packing slip) MUST be attached to the item.


If you need to confirm an item, please email or call our Team:


      phone: (540) 886.6249


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Unaccepted Items

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Unaccepted Items

  • Adult clothing (with the exception of maternity clothing)
  • Books or DVDs with adult content (NO movies above a PG-13 rating)
  • Breast Pumps
  • Car Seats
  • Drop-side cribs
  • Games and puzzles with missing or broken pieces
  • Holiday decor
  • Party supplies and decor
  • Rocking sleepers, such as the Fisher Price Rock ‘n Play® (NEW FOR FALL 2020)
  • Stuffed animals that are very worn or dirty
  • Used pacifiers, sippy cups or bottles with used nipples or chewed up spouts
  • Used underwear / socks
  • VCR tapes


If you need to confirm an item, please email or call our Team:


      phone: (540) 886.6249

Item Preparation, Pricing & Tagging

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Item Prep, Pricing & Tagging

General Pointers



  • Check that none of your items are included in a recall
  • Clothing and linens should be freshly laundered to ensure that all odors are removed
  • Owner’s manuals should be included and can be searched and printed from the preceding link
  • Large items that require assembly must have the instructions included
  • All battery operated items MUST have working batteries in them
  • All tags that have “a dot” should have the donate field marked in yellow highlighter
  • Please do not damage the bar codes on the tags in any way or they may not scan at the registers
  • Information on tags should never be crossed out or changed manually


Hanging Clothing


  • Hanging clothing is not limited
  • Dance wear & costumes are NOT included in this limit
  • Hangers containing multiple items with one tag will count as one item
  • Each hanger may contain up to 4 items of the EXACT same size
  • The use of wire hangers is strongly encouraged
  • All hangers should form the number “2” or a “?” when the front of the item is facing you
  • Tags should be safety pinned to the upper right front of the item as you are looking at it
  • Clothing should be secured with safety pins to the top of the hanger, if necessary
  • Pants should be safety pinned from the waistband to the top of the hanger
  • Two-piece outfits should be safety pinned together on one hanger


Non-Hanging Clothing


  • Examples are onesies, undershirts, socks, tights, bibs, hats, gloves, scarves, belts, ties and hair accessories
  • Non-hanging clothing items and accessories must be packaged in baggies
  • Items should be grouped together by size and placed in a baggie with the tag inside




  • Slippers, flip flops, Crocs™, sports shoes, dance shoes and skates
  • Shoes are to be connected together with a zip tie or large safety pin or within a clear bag
  • Tags should be connected to the top of the shoes with a safety pin or zip tie
  • Do NOT bring shoes in boxes or baggies (unless they can not be connected with a zip tie or pin)


Sheets, Blankets, Towels and Linens


  • These items must be kid-sized or kid-themed
  • Items may be placed in a baggie, a bedding bag or bundled with zip ties
  • Tags should be attached with a zip tie or safety pin
  • We accept crib sets or bumper pads, bedding sets, multi-layered blankets, bedspreads or sleeping bags


Baby Equipment


  • Owner’s manuals or instructions should be included if you have them
  • All equipment MUST be assembled by the consignor at drop-off
  • All lamps must have working bulbs
  • All equipment requiring batteries to operate must have working batteries
  • Tags should be attached with a zip tie, a safety pin or clear packing tape
  • No car seats are accepted


Large Toys and Ride-on Toys


  • Owner’s manuals or instructions should be included if you have them
  • Items should be hosed down and scrubbed clean
  • Any toys requiring batteries to operate must have working batteries in them
  • All items MUST be assembled by the consignor at drop-off
  • For items with smaller parts (i.e. kitchen & accessories), the small items should be placed in a baggie and zip tied or taped to the larger item
  • Tags should be attached with a zip tie, a safety pin or clear packing tape




  • Owner’s manuals or instructions should be included if you have them
  • All toys should be scrubbed clean
  • Any toys requiring batteries to operate must have working batteries in them
  • For items with smaller parts (i.e. playhouse & people), the small items should be placed in a baggie and zip tied or taped to the larger item
  • Tags should be attached with a zip tie, a safety pin or clear packing tape


Puzzles and Games


  • Playing instructions and ALL pieces must be included
  • Puzzle and game boxes MUST be taped shut or placed in a baggie so pieces are not lost
  • Loose pieces to games should be placed in a baggie and secured to the item
  • Board puzzles are best placed in a large baggie or wrapped in plastic wrap
  • Masking, scotch and packing tape are NOT recommended




  • Books should be grouped by title or reading level and placed in a baggie with the tag inside
  • Books must have all pages intact, and all coloring, sticker and activity books must be unused
  • Do NOT rubber band or tie the books together as they can become easily separated




  • We will accept DVDs with a rating of G, PG and PG-13 only
  • DVDs should be in their original cases with the tags attached with tape
  • DVDs should be free from scratches that affect their play
  • If bundling DVDs, place in a baggie with the tag inside
  • We do accept CDs


Authentic Ladies Designer Handbags and Purses


  • We accept any name/brand handbags, purses and wristlets
  • No proof of authenticity is needed unless you desire to promote it
  • Tags should be connected to the bag with a zip tie or large safety pin


Your Items


Our pricing structure begins at $1.00 and goes up in $1.00 increments. If you feel that an item you want to sell is not worth a $1.00 price, then consider bundling it with other like items to achieve the $1.00 value.


Pricing your items well is the key to your success. A good rule of thumb for pricing is 15-40% of retail prices, taking into account brand name and item condition. Merchandise in high demand can sometimes fetch a price of 50% of retail. If you are having any problems pricing an item, please feel free to contact us via email with the item description and we can recommend a good price point to you. Sending us a picture of the item is helpful.


Discounting Your Items


On Saturday, our consignors have the option to sell their items at a discount of 50% off. This is done by selecting “Yes” in the discount field when your items are entered. The consignor chooses item-by-item which ones they are willing to sell at the discounted price.


On Saturday only, any item presented for purchase at the registers that has “a dot” on the tag will be sold at 50% off.  Any item that does not have “a dot” on the tag will be sold for full price.


Donating Your Unsold Items


At the close of our sale, we collect any unsold items that consignors no longer wish to take home, and donate them to a local charity. Our consignors have the option of donating their items at the end of the sale. This is done by selecting “Yes” in the donate field when your items are entered. The consignor chooses item-by-item which ones they are willing to donate to charity.


As a help in recognizing donated items at the end of the sale, please highlight the donate field in yellow for all tags that read “Donate: YES”. This is best done after the tags are printed and before they are cut apart. DO NOT highlight the discount field!


Please consider discounting any items that you plan to donate so they have a chance to sell at 50% off on Saturday. After all, selling an item for half price is better than not selling it at all.  We have where it automatically does this in our system if the consignor marks their item as donate.



We proudly support the following local charity with our profits and donations: Who Do We Support.


Printing a donated items report

Log in to your My Consignment Manager account from one of the links below:


For Spring 2020 –


If you will be printing reports for both the spring and fall sales, you must log in to the spring sale file and print your report and then LOG OUT before logging in to the fall sale file.


Step-by-step instructions for printing your Donated Items report:


  1. Click on “Manage Inventory” at the top
  2. Click on the “Reports” tab below the top menu
  3. Click on “Projected Settlement Report”
  4. Next fill in 100% next to “Enter your percentage”
  5. Select “Yes” in the drop down box under the Donate (labeled Don.) column
  6. Select “Not Sold” in the drop down box under the Status column
  7. Click “Generate List”
  8. This will give you the total value of the unsold items you donated
  9. Print the report with the button in the top right corner and file it away


If you need assistance, please email or call our Team:


      phone: (540) 886.6249


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Drop-Off & Pick-Up

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Drop-Off & Pick-Up

Inventory Drop-off

Consignor inventory drop-off takes place on Sunday of our sale week (Monday or Tuesday if needed).  Please bring your inventory sheet and tubes, and have your tubes labeled (i.e., # of items, what it is, sizes, and Seller #).  If you decide to donate your remaining items, tubes/totes are not needed.


Due to space and time constraints, PLEASE have all items prepared and organized prior to arrival. All items should be hung or packaged according to the tagging guidelines.  Any consignor who arrives with their clothing items hung incorrectly or without their tags attached will not be permitted to continue with their drop-off  until these tasks have been completed.  If we have the time and staff to assist, we will do all we can to make this process as stress-free as possible.


As you arrive, a “quality check” of your items will be done by our volunteers to ensure they are in good condition, properly prepared and tagged. Please don’t be offended if we turn down a few of your items. We just want to make sure we have the best merchandise for our shoppers!


Items sell best when they are assembled on the sales floor. If you bring an item to the sale that is not assembled, please come with the tools to put it together. We also ask that you set-up large other large items at drop-off, like bassinets and playpens.


Batteries.  Batteries.  Batteries.  Please remember to replace your batteries if the item needs it.  We do not have batteries on site.


If you cannot bring all of your items over in a single trip, please email us so we can work out a game plan that will not disrupt the drop-off process.


Unsold Inventory Pick-up

When you arrive for pick-up, please remain in your vehicle.  Our staff will bring your unsold items out to your vehicle with your check.  It may be best to bring several tubs or boxes to load your unsold items back in to for easy transport within your vehicle.


All items not picked up during the designated pick-up time WILL BE DONATED unless prior arrangements were made!


As you leave please check the lost and found table for any items that became separated from their tags over the course of the sale that may belong to you. Any unclaimed lost and found items will be donated at the end of the evening.


If you need assistance, please email or call our Team:


      phone: (540) 886.6249

Tracking Sold Items & Receiving Payment

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Tracking Sold Items & Receiving Payment

Tracking Sold Items

By using our online tagging system, consignors can track items that have been sold at the end of each day of the sale. An email will be sent out to consignors each evening when the report is ready for viewing. This can be done by logging in to your account and selecting “View Settlement” from the Home Page. Please note, items will not appear as sold in the consignor’s inventory listing until the sale is closed and reconciled.


Receiving Payment

As a consignor, you will receive 70% of the selling price for your items. Checks will be cut at the time of pick-up.  If the consignor wishes not to pick-up remaining items and donate their respected items, the check will be mailed to the consignor’s address on file within 14 business days of the close of the sale. An email will be sent to your email on record notifying you that the checks have been mailed. It is the responsibility of the consignor to notify us in a timely fashion if the check does not arrive within 2 weeks of the mailing date.


Please note, there will be a $30 stop payment fee deducted from a consignor’s total if a check is lost by the consignor and needs to be re-issued. This fee is subject to change without notice.


If you need assistance, please email or call our Team:


      phone: (540) 886.6249

Consignor’s FAQ

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Consignor's FAQ

Q: Is there a minimum total amount for items that I am selling?
A: No, but we recommend that your total amount of items that you are selling be at least $50 so it is well worth your time and it covers your $7.00 non-refundable fee to sell.


Q: How do I update my contact information or password?
A: Updating this information can be done by logging in to your account and selecting “My Account” from the top of the page. In the screens that follow you can update your address, phone number(s) and email and change your password if necessary.


Q: I am registered as a volunteer and have decided to also consign, what do I need to do?
A: Please send us an email and we will convert your registration to a seller so that you can pay your registration fee and begin tagging.


Q: Can I use a tagging gun to attach my tags?
A: Yes, we encourage the use of tagging guns.


Q: Why do you ask for wire hangers to be used?
A: We find that wire hangers fit better and slide more smoothly on our clothing racks. Wire hangers also allow you to pin your items to your hangers.


Q: Where can I find wire hangers?
A: These can be found online, at a dry cleaner, a dollar store, or a super store or by asking family members to save them for you.


Q: Can I sell my item that was part of a recall if I applied a manufacturer fix to it?
A: If there is a manufacturer fix that can be applied to a recalled item to allow it to be sold, that fix must be well-documented and proof of the fix (i.e. instructions and the packing slip) MUST be attached to the item.


Q: Can someone else pick up my unsold items?
A: Yes, if you are unable to pick-up your unsold items up during the designated pick-up time you may have a friend or family member pick them up on your behalf.  Please email or call to inform us if you are having another person pick-up your items.  Thank you.


Q: Why was I logged out of online tagging?
A:Each night, the My Consignment Manager database is taken down for routine maintenance. Daily maintenance typically takes less than 30 minutes to complete. Occasionally throughout the year, the site is taken down for maintenance and upgrades for longer periods of time. Usually those times are planned for in advance and normally in the early morning hours when most consignors are not accessing the system. In our sale season when we are made aware of downtime in advance, we will notify all users ahead of time. If you try logging in and encounter a message regarding site maintenance, please try back again in about 30 minutes.


If you need assistance, please email or call our Team:


      phone: (540) 886.6249

Made4Kids Mission

Made4Kids is a ministry that provides a positive and quality experience for consignors, volunteers, and shoppers while serving the community and families through monetary and physical donations.


Once our bills are paid to allow the Made4Kids Sale to happen, all the remaining profits are given to local non-profit organizations that benefits families and children who are currently in need.


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